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    I live in Copenhagen, DK and am currrently looking for a job in the entertainment industry.
    Features, games, commercials or something else - I'm ready!

    I have primarily been working in leading/supervising positions, and would love to continue working and guiding people and projects.

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  • Showreel Breakdown

    Simple breakdown of the showreel:
    1. "The Giant Pear" A Film, Copenhagen.
    Animated in Maya
    I worked on: rig testing, animation style development, previz, blocking and animation.
    Workload: we worked on sequences and had to do 20-25 sec per week


    2. Mia's Magic Playground - tv series for ViaPlay
    Animation lead and animator

    Animated in Maya
    Workload: around 10 sec a day of animation


    3. Airhead - Octato Games
    Worked in 3DS Max
    Cinematic and game animations


    4. Sony PlayLink game "Frantics" - NapNok Games.
    Animated in 3ds Max and set up in Unity.
    I animated, managed a team, helped design the characters and learned to rig and skin them as well.


    5. Noora Hannula vs. Soma, the augmented reality-girl
    Helped clean Mocap


    6. Stay
    Game for a campaign for "Break the Silence" organisation.
    Animated in maya, setup in Unreal.
    Lead animator and animator


    7. A clip from Mia's Magic Playground.


    8. Quadruped project
    Made at The Animation Workshop in collaboration with Morten Lassen and Mario Grosu.
    Animated in Maya.
    Model and rig by Morten Lassen.
    Design by the three of us.
    Workload: schoolproject spanning 5 weeks, with design, rigging and animation.

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    Maya - animation and a bit of rigging

    Blender - animation

    3ds Max - animation and rigging



    TVPaint - animation






    Nuke - newbie


    Unity game engine




    Google sheet


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    Work experience

    2022 - 2023

    Assistent Director/Coordinator at Copenhagen Bombay

    Developing teasers and new IPs.

    Helped looking through manuscripts, doing breakdowns and planning.


    I would look through manuscripts, doing breakdowns, commenting on story arcs and characters.

    As a general thing, I want characters to drive the story forward, as I often see stories being very passive with their characters.

    I helped work out backstories for the characters, their mannerisms and looks.

    I talked with the artist and made schedules for them to get feedback and made foldersystems with them, so it was optimal for tech and art.

    On the teasers, I helped with some of the editing.

    I contacted talent and helped with recruiting.

    Worked in Google Sheets, Miro, Word, Maya and Photoshop.


    2022 - 2023

    Additional help for the assistant director at Copenhagen Bombay - uncredited?

    DR1's Fredagstamtam "HØJ" - release tbd

    Dir. Mikkel Mainz

    I helped management and escpecially the assistent director setting up layouts for the bg-department.

    Worked in Google Sheets, ToonBoom Storyboard, After Effects, Premiere and Miro.



    Coordinator and assistent director at Copenhagen Bombay.

    Unfinished project

    Dir.: Peter Egeberg

    Read through manusripts, did breakdowns and helped rewrite some of them.

    Gave feedback to storyboards.

    Worked in Google Sheets, ShotGrid, Maya and ToonBoom Storyboard



    2D Animator at Copenhagen Bombay.

    DR1's Minisjang: "Børste"

    Dir. Kristjan Møller

    I learned to animate in ToonBoom Harmony.

    2D animation in Toonboom Harmony


    2021 - 2022

    Lead animator at Copenhagen Bombay
    "Mia's Magic PlayGround" - 3D/2D mix production

    Dir. Jan Rahbek (Bombay)

    Series dir. Ehud Landsberg (Moonbug entertainment)

    Team management, helping with planning and 3d animation in Maya.


    In practicality I was basically an supervisor. I helped the director an management, looking through scripts and feedback from our client. I helped with direction and feedback for the animator, tutoring some of our interns and worked on the schedule and made sure to keep in touch with the other parts of the pipeline.

    3D animation in Maya



    2D CleanUp Artist at SunCreature

    Client: Travel Origon

    "Still Only Slightly Exaggerated | Travel Oregon"

    2D inTVPaint



    3D Animator at Half Past Yellow

    Game: "Time on Frog Island" & "Prologue"

    Cinematic planning and animation.

    In-game animation done in Blender and set up in Unity Engine.


    I drew storyboards, set op initial ideas in Unity and hand animated a big portions of unique animations for the cinematic in Blender.

    Find it on Steam. Download the demo here.

    Storyboard in TVPaint, 3D animation in Blender, inplementation in Unity, planning in Jira.

    CleanUp, Color and FX Artist at Sun Creature
    "Brawl Stars - created in collaboration with Sun Creature."
    Clean up, color and fx in TvPaint

    2020 - 2021

    CleanUp Artist at SunCreature

    Client: Riot Games 

    "Legends of Runeterra: Guardians of the Ancient - Official Animated Trailer"

    "Legends of Runeterra: Rise of the underworlds"

    "Legends of Runeterra: Beyond the Bandlewood" - Cinematic Trailer"

    2D animation clean up in TVPaint


    2020 - 2021

    Episode lead animator at Copenhagen Bombay

    "Kiwi & Strit season 2"

    3d animation in Maya


    2019 - 2020

    Lead animator at Copenhagen Bombay

    "Mia's Magic PlayGround"

    3d animation in Maya


    2019 - 2019

    Animator and artist generalist at Octato


    3d animation in 3ds Max, setup in Unity.



    Short term Animator at HydraLab

    Naturealistic animation.

    3D animation in Maya.


    2016 -2018

    Junior animator at Knap Nok Games

    "Frantics" Sony exclusive, PlayLink (release March 2018)

    Experience with self-management and management of a small team.

    Simple rigging in 3ds Max.

    Setup animations in Unity.

    "Chimparty" Sony exclusive, PlayLink (release summer 2018)

    3D animation in Maya and setup in Unity.

    Setup animations in Unity.

    Planning in Jira and Asana.


    2018 All visual

    "Next to You"

    Music video by Axel Johansson
    Made in about a week in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere

    2D animation and all graphics


    2018 - additional animator

    Noora Hannula Vs. Soma The Augmented - Reality Girl (Bora Bora)

    Dir: Noora Hannula

    Animation lead: Belinda Larsen

    Mocap clean up - 3D maya


    2017 Animator and storyboard artist

    "Night Witches" (release in January 2017)

    dir: Julie H. Baltzer

    Bachelor film from The Animation Workshop

    2D animation in TVPaint


    2017 Additional animator

    "Less than Human" (release in January 2017)

    dir: SteffenLindholm

    Bachelor film from The Animation Workshop

    3D animation in Maya


    2016 Intern at A.Film

    "The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear" (release in 2017)

    dir: Phillip Einstein

    3D Animation and rig testing, previz, technical support and blocking

    2016 Assistant lead animator

    "In Relation", (release in June 2016)

    dir: Ida Andreasen

    The National Film School of Denmark

    3D animation in Maya


    2016 Animation lead

    Commercial project "Stay"

    dir: Tobias Larson

    Game made for the organisation "Break the Silence".

    See trailer (password:stay)

    3D animation in Maya, implemation in UnReal Engine


    2015 Additional animator

    "Grandma's hero",

    dir: Corentin Monnier, Ben Ozeri

    The Animation Workshop Graduation films 2016

    2D animation in TVPaint


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    Related work experience

    2014 Actor

    Was animated on an add for Viborg VUC - pixalation animation

    2013 Actor and singer and PR Artist
    Wilhelmsborgs Festpil's version of Sebastians musical "The Treasure Island".


    2008-2013 Workshop leader for drawing-courses for children.


    2012-2013 Teaching painting at FOF Aarhus


    2012-2013 Teaching painting at Skanderborgs Kulturskole


    2008-2011 Workshop leader for drawing-courses at FOF AArhus

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    2013 - 2015 Driving force behind reviving art club for young artists.


    2013 "Haren Harald og hans venner"

    Illustrated a childrensbook


    2012 - 2013 Started drawing club for young adults


    2009 Kunstnerspirerne (Odder)

    Project for young artist resulting in an exibition.


    Danish (fluent)

    English (fluent)

  • Education

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    The Animation Workshop

    2013 - January 2017

    Bachelor in Character Animation


    2D animation on paper and TVPaint, CelAction, Premiere and AfterEffects.
    3D in Maya.

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    Odder Højskole


    Filmmaking, art and singing.

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    Nørgaard Højskole

    2011 - 2012

    Filmacting, dance, music and singing.

    broken image

    Aarhus Tech,


    Web-integrator, Basic Course.

    broken image

    Graphic Workshop

    2010 - 2011

    at Odder Production School

    Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
    Work with clients and graphic work like posters, books, cards and so on.

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    Rudolf Steiner School (Waldorf School)

    1996 - 2009

    in Aarhus, Denmark
    Elementary and highschool education

    Acting (musical, theatre, mime), play violin and flute, sing and paint.

  • Portfolio

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